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2024 Releases: Journey into the World of Legend with Warhammer

02 Jan 2024 0 Comments
2024 Releases: Journey into the World of Legend with Warhammer

Greetings, Warhammer enthusiasts! 2024 brings exciting news as we prepare to step into a new year full of thrilling adventures in the Warhammer universe. And what better way to kick off the year than by diving into the World of Legend with MetaGames.Toys?

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the upcoming releases and pre-orders for Warhammer: The Old World, along with some other exciting offerings in the world of Warhammer.

Warhammer: The Old World Starter Sets

The World of Legend awaits, and if you're new to the Old World, you'll find the perfect entry point in the form of two massive starter sets. The Warhammer: The Old World Core Set – Kingdom of Bretonnia Edition and Warhammer: The Old World Core Set – Tomb Kings of Khemri Edition are packed with everything you need to kickstart your adventures.

These sets include plastic Citadel miniatures, rulebooks, reference sheets, dice, templates, measuring sticks, and transfer sheets. Whether you're drawn to the chivalrous knights of Bretonnia or the enigmatic Tomb Kings of Khemri, these starter sets offer a fantastic way to begin your journey.

Rulebooks and Army Lists

For those who already have their armies from the past ready for battle, the Warhammer: The Old World Rulebook, Forces of Fantasy, and Ravening Hordes are essential.

The rulebook provides comprehensive lore about the World of Legend and all the rules needed to engage in epic battles. Forces of Fantasy features army lists for the forces of good, including Dwarfen Mountain Holds, the Empire of Man, the Kingdom of Bretonnia, the Wood Elf Realms, and the High Elf Realms. On the other hand, Ravening Hordes covers the monstrous forces of evil, such as the Orc and Goblin Tribes, the Warriors of Chaos, the Beastmen Brayherds, and the Tomb Kings of Khemri.

Arcane Journal: Kingdom of Bretonnia and Miniatures

If you're a devoted follower of the Lady of the Lake, the Arcane Journal: Kingdom of Bretonnia is a must-have. This paperback volume delves deeper into Bretonnia's background and introduces new rules content, including heroes of legend and Armies of Infamy based on Errantry Crusades and exiled knights.

For those who seek the secrets of the Tomb Kings of Khemri, the Arcane Journal: Tomb Kings of Khemri is your gateway to expanded rules and lore. 

In addition to the Arcane Journal, you'll have the opportunity to pre-order an assortment of Bretonnian models available in plastic, metal, and Forge World resin.

Kingdom of Bretonnia Reference Cards and Dice

To keep your armies organized and your rolls precise, Warhammer will release reference cards for magic items, spells, and Knightly Virtues, along with sets of custom dice featuring iconic symbols to match the World of Legend theme.

Arcane Journal: Tomb Kings of Khemri and Miniatures

As we delve deeper into the World of Legend, the Arcane Journal: Tomb Kings of Khemri offers an exciting expansion for your Tomb Kings of Khemri army beyond the realms of Ravening Hordes. This paperback journal unveils a treasure trove of new rules, magical items, and the captivating history of the enigmatic Tomb Kings.

The Tomb Kings of Khemri miniatures collection offers a diverse range of options to enhance your undead army, such as Tomb Guards, Sepulchral Stalkers or Necropolis Knights, Necrosphinx and the Khemrian Warsphinx, Settra the Imperishable atop his chariot, and others. These miniatures provide numerous ways to bolster and customize your Tomb Kings of Khemri army for tabletop battles.

Tomb Kings of Khemri Reference Cards and Dice

Keep your Tomb Kings army organized and enhance your rolls with a set of 36 reference cards containing all the rules for the Tomb King's artifacts and incantations from Ravening Hordes. Elevate your gaming experience with a set of 20 bone-colored dice featuring dark red etching, with the Tomb Kings symbol replacing the six, as well as a scatter dice and an artillery dice.

Bases and Modular Movement Trays

Warhammer: The Old World introduces square and rectangular bases, and MetaGames.Toys has you covered! We will sell a variety of base packs to rebase your forces accordingly. Modular Movement Trays make managing ranked units a breeze, allowing customization to fit your units perfectly.

Map of the Old World

Plan your campaigns of conquest with a stunning map of the Old World, measuring an impressive 1,000x890mm. This poster showcases the locations and factions of the Old World, providing an essential reference for your adventures.


The World of Legend is beckoning, and MetaGames.Toys is your gateway to an exciting year of Warhammer adventures. Whether you're starting anew or expanding your existing armies, we have a wealth of miniatures, rulebooks, reference materials, and accessories to enrich your Warhammer experience.

Keep a keen eye on our social media channels and store for the latest updates and exciting releases in the world of Warhammer. Stay connected with us and be the first to discover the fantastic additions coming your way!

Happy New Year to all Warhammer fans, and may your battles in the World of Legend be legendary!

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